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Quick, Easy Valentine's Gift Idea for Your Lobster

Sometimes a project just sticks with you, right? The Valentine's Day gift that I made for my husband a couple of years ago has been one of those for me. Now, every time I sit down to brainstorm a present for him--be it, birthday, Christmas, arbor day, whatever--I think of some variation of this and have to stop myself. I guess it wouldn't be too bad a gift to replicate as long as the things I used in the new gift weren't mentioned in the first go around, but there's still something to say for originality. So, to quell my urge to recreate it for Valentine's Day again this year, I figured I'd just share it with you all; the "52 Reasons I Love You" card deck.

My husband was so impressed when I presented him with this and it looks cheerful up on our shelf, too. Before undertaking the project, I was worried that, when faced with the challenge of putting my affection into words, I would draw a blank. But once I sat down at the computer, it just started flowing! My process was to fill as many pages of the downloadable template that I could (eight reasons fit on one page) then print, cut, and staple those to the cards and by the time I got back to the computer, I'd have at least eight more reasons that had come to mind. For a quick, easy, and inexpensive afternoon project, it had such a huge impact on us both. The reassurance and appreciation, I think, was something he really valued. After putting it all down on paper, I found myself feeling even more appreciative of him than ever. If we're getting all sappy (it is almost Valentine's Day, after all), I guess it was a gift for us both.

But, why do this to a deck of cards? There are a few reasons: First, there are the same number of cards in a deck as there are weeks in a year. It might be a fun little tradition for the receiver of the gift to flip to the new card every Monday morning just to have that extra oomph to get out the door and start the week on the right foot. Playing cards are also such a great size, shape, and sturdiness for a project like this. Rather than worrying about cutting card-stock just so that everything will stack nicely together, I went with this and can add the other layers without worrying about a perfectly consistent cut. Plus, decks of cards are always calling out to me from the shelves of Goodwill asking to be turned into something fun and new!


You can grab the downloadable template and see more photos, instructions, and inspiration for doing this yourself (plus two other thrifty gift ideas!) by visiting the full blog post shared on And, seeing as this is a gift with history and personal meaning, I'm positive Phoebe Buffay would deem it good enough for her lobster.








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