Sometimes a project just sticks with you, right? The Valentine's Day gift that I made for my husband a couple of years ago has been one of those for me. Now, every time I sit down to brainstorm a present for him--be it, birthday, Christmas, arbor day, whatever--I think of some variation of this and have to stop myself. I guess it wouldn't be too bad a gift to replicate as long as the things I used in the new gift weren't mentioned in the first go around, but there's still something to say for originality. So, to quell my urge to recreate it for Valentine's Day again this year, I figured I'd just share it with you all; the "52 Reasons I Love You" card deck.

My husband was so impressed when I presented him with this and it looks cheerful up on our shelf, too. Before undertaking the project, I was worried that, when faced with the challenge of putting my affection into words, I would draw a blank. But once I sat down at the computer, it just started flowing! My pro...

Before becoming a parent, I always felt like there were two types of kid's books: good old fashioned classics or shameless promotional material for new movies that rely solely on character recognition and trendiness. I pictured my child's bookshelves filled solely with Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, M. Sasek, and Maurice Sendak to avoid all of the superfluous media-inspired  books that are pumped out these days in quick succession with the release of new films and video games.

To my delight, I was wrong! As luck would have it, there are plenty of writers and illustrators creating gorgeous and inspiring new children's books RIGHT NOW and I'm beyond excited to share a few of my family's favorites with you today. Let's jump in!

One | The Wonderful Things You Will Be - Emily Winfield Martin

At the top of the list I just have to place all the things written/illustrated by Emily Winfield Martin (who might as well be named Emily Whimsical Martin, i...

The new year is upon us which means it's time to refresh that desk calendar! Since I work from home now, I've been eager to customize my desk space--gotta stay inspired, right? So I made this fun calendar with a photo stand, images clipped from a thrifted book, and printable 2017 month cards. Download the calendar template and get the full DIY tutorial here!

Rolling carts are such a versatile way to store and style everything from alcohol to accessories and they can always be found at Goodwill, garage sales, and even at the dump. Here's how to refresh a rusty old cart with little more than a new coat of paint!

When the holiday cards come dashing in, they're exciting little messages from friends and loved ones. But what can you do once the holidays have gone? Tossing them in the trash feels heartless and they can't be saved forever. Upcycle them into coasters to be used year after year!

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